Italian clubs

As I mentioned before Italy was one of the best times for me. I traveled around quite a bit and was introduced to many different clubs. The variety was far from the ones like in Berlin (having a great distance between both ends of the market) but it still had a wide variety.

To run a club here you have to understand the culture. You need find out the ‘why’. Why do people go, why do people want to dance over there, why do people want to drink drinks. It sound obvious but most often in these question you can find the answers to success. For example in The Netherlands, people don’t always go to the clubs for the same kind of reasons as in Italy. Italy has a very so-called ‘show off’ mentality. And this you can see back in the clubs.

Miami nightlife

The Miami nightlife is crazy and beautiful at the same time. It’s extraordinary to be partying here. But take note, you have to bring a lot of money. I didn’t figure out how much money until I really went there.

They have almost everything, it felt like Las Vegas of clubbing. Instead of gambling you are only drinking, the weather is beautiful so it feels quite normal that a lot of people start drinking early on in the morning. Marketing wise they do a terrific job getting new clients into their bars.

And I have the feeling they are the front runners on new innovations in the clubbing industry. It’s a magnificent feeling to see people are innovative when it comes to this.